Japan: Companies pay man to make their employees cry

A new business in Japan is offering a crying service as companies are paying trained people to make their employees cry.

Ikemeso Danshi, a name which means ‘a handsome crying boy’, is being employed by companies to organize crying sessions for their employees. During the sessions, films with crying scenes are shown with Ikemeso Danshi who is crying and wiping tears of the other crying people in the group.

The concept started a few years ago but is still relatively new. The aim is to create a more familiar atmosphere at the place of work as Japanese are not accustomed to crying or to express certain sentiments in public.

Those organizing the service say that when employees cry in front of each other and show their vulnerability, the environment changes and there is more chance that they work together as a team.

The films are more intended to women, as the mentality that men do not cry is a persistent one. Ikemeso Danshi is now trying to change this perception.