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Japanese delegation plans Malta visit to study Government’s work in blockchain sector – PM

Two days of talks in Brussels between 51 leaders from Asia and the European Union member states, including Malta,  have sought to continue developing stable relations during the ASEM summit which meets biennially. Considered as giants in terms of economic power, the two blocks jointly make up half the world’s population.

“Europe and Asia: Global Partners for Global Challenges” is the theme chosen for the ASEM summit. For more than 20 years ASEM has remained the most comprehensive partnership between Asia and Europe, which connects the two continents.
The summit stressed on the need for global challenges to be addressed through an orderly system based on rules and values of multilateral cooperation. Connectivity btween Europe and Asia and development of relations in a regulated framework were also discussed.
When he addressed the summit, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat stressed on the importance of the Asian continent and on the need for everyone to be ready to welcome changes, even if these pose challenges. Dr Muscat mentioned that Malta is at the forefront in creating a regulatory framework for blockchain technology, which he added will assist countries and companies to organise their data better than ever before. Dr Muscat mentioned that Malta has developed  very productive relations with countries in Asia, including China, Singapore and Japan.

Prime Minister Muscat stated that “in the coming days we will be receiving in Malta a delegation from the Japanese Government who are coming to study specifically what we are doing on blockchain, and they are coming as a result of my visit to Tokyo some weeks ago. And today I have spoken again on this issue with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.”

Dr Muscat also referred to the transition to digital economy, which brought with it a digital revolution and created unprecedented issues which need to be tackled. Dr Muscat declared that the most crucial element is Artificial Intelligence.

The Prime Minister stated that “the manner in which this sector is developing, and the way we have to consider in order to regulate it and create a regulatory framework to attract more investment, is attracting more interest to our country in a positive way, with our economy continuing to expand in a sustainable manner.”

The next ASEM summit in two years’ time will meet in the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh.





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