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Appeals to Government to declare a national environmental emergency

Nationalist Party Leader, Adrian Delia, promised that a PN Government will restore democracy and provide the country with a long-term vision which he said is absent from the current Government’s agenda. During a mass meeting in front of the PN’s Dar Ċentrali at Pietà on Friday evening Dr Delia said the PN’s vision is based on a better quality of life through strengthening the common wellbeing. He appealed to the Government to declare a national environmental emergency and to strengthen its efforts on measures regarding climate change.

He said the PN’s vision is that the economy works hand-in-hand with the environment, that vulnerable persons are better safeguarded, that institutions be strengthened to proceed independently in the better interests of the community and where commerce can roam without the need for corruption. Dr Delia said such measures will lead to a PN Government guaranteeing a better quality of life and wellbeing.

In a mass meeting as part of its Independence Day celebration activities, the PN Leader said that in contrast with its vision, the Government has a clouded outlook and lacks long-term planning and this is damaging social and environmental wellbeing.

Dr Delia said that instead of protesting with the rest of the world in favour of actions to prevent climate changes, the Government yesterday inaugurated new roads that will continue to increase traffic and pollution. He said today Malta has the worst air quality in the EU and he appealed to the Prime Minister to declare a national environmental emergency.

Dr Delia said the Government’s lack of long-term planning is also evident in the educational sphere which is failing to attract new teaching staff and he expressed concerns that children are being taught in containers instead of classrooms. He said a lack of planning can also be seen in the health sphere and that because of an increased population young people are experiencing difficulties to cope with property prices. He referred to the Prime Minister’s expression of confidence in the MFSA Chairman. Dr Delia said he has no confidence in the PM because his declarations cause merriment among the people.

Delia said the Opposition will continue to pursue the Government to respond to questions and not continue with its monopoly of silence. He said the PN will unveil the Government’s intentions where others are fearful of speaking out. He said the PN will be taking actions in Court, overseas and if necessary on the streets – all in order to achieve good governance.

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