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For cleaner air we need less vehicle pollution – Miriam Dalli

The Labour Party Euro MP Miriam Dalli is proposing that by 2030 air-polluting toxic gases caused by vehicles be reduced by 50%. This is one of the proposals put forward today by Dr Dalli as a rapporteur to the Euro Parliamentary Committee for the Environment, Public Health and Road Safety.

She said that if these toxic CO2 gases are reduced by 50% over the next 32 years the EU will have moved near to its target in this sphere which aims to improve the quality of air for people while enabling vehicle manufacturers to remain competitive and innovative in there somewhat dynamic market.

She said the EU faces making a clear choice by either choosing to continue to drag its heels or to start taking the issue seriously. Transport is the largest air pollutant in the EU with 27% of all toxic gases being produced by vehicles.

Last November the EU Commission proposed a number of regulations to reduce toxic gas pollution by vehicles to achieve its climate change targets by 2030.

Discussions in the EU Parliament and other EU institutions are expected to continue in the coming months before issuing the appropriate legislation.

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