If you are using a visor you also have to wear a mask

Health Authorities have issued new guidelines on the use of face masks and visors to curtail the pandemic spread.

The Office of the Public Health Superintendent is recommending the wearing of cloth masks or medical masks and before being worn and after removal hands should be immediately washed. Those wearing masks over a lengthy period should frequently change masks. Although the mask provides a measure of safety, social distancing should still be maintained.

It is not recommended that only visors be worn but also a face mask. There is no evidence that visors are an effective source of prevention and protection against the virus but may be used by those experiencing health problems or children with special needs. It is also important that before wearing and after removing a visor, hands are washed.

Masks are to be worn at all times outdoors and everywhere with particular exceptions and should cover the nose and nostrils, the mouth and the chin.