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Jeremy Corbyn challenges new PM to hold a second Referendum

Almost 100 days before Brexit, Britain’s Opposition Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has challenged the new British Prime Minister to hold another Referendum in view of the eventuality of an agreement with the EU, or the lack of an agreement.

In a letter to Labour Party members, Corbyn wrote that in such a scenario the Labour Party would support a campaign for Britain to remain an EU Member.

He said, “The Tories want no deal. We will stop that, and we believe the public should have a vote to decide whether it should be no deal or remain in the EU.”

The Labour Leader announced the Party’s change of policy during a meeting of the Shadow Cabinet and against a background of pressure to clarify the Party’s position which led to its negative results in the recent EU Parliament elections last May when Labour finished in third place behind the Brexit Party and the Liberals.

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