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“Jerome remained a beacon of courage to the very end” – his parents

Just a few days after the death of Jerome Frendo, his family are preparing to travel to Albania to ‘deliver’ their son’s smile and to distribute much-needed items to the poor in that country. Jerome’s father, Kenneth, shared with the way his son kept emanating courage up to the very end, when he was taking his last breaths.

Twelve days after their son’s death, Jerome Frendo’s family, who had been battling cancer with their son for four years, are at peace in their home, recalling his words to them from his bed. Kenneth Frendo stated that they can never forget Jerome’s respect.

“During his last hours of life, he was surrounded by the family, and he kept thanking us for all we had done for him. He kept looking at his mother, at me, at his brother, and thanking us for our patience. He turned to his mother…”thank you, ma, for taking so much care of me.”

Jerome, who suffered from bone cancer, still continued with his University studies to becme a social worker and help persons going through cancer.

Jerome’s mother Josette said her son wished the family to carry on with his legacy, that of giving a smile and a bit of company to sufferers. Josette added that this was why, through the Smiling with Jerome initiative, they are collecting useful items for the poor in Albania, where Jerome’s uncle, Bishop George Frendo, is carrying out his pastoral mission.

“We will continue the pilgrimage in Jerome’s name, and are taking these goods from Malta to hand out to the poor and show them courage and hope, and that there are others who know about them and think of them.”

Whilst Jerome will remain alive in the memories of his parents, his brother Jethro and his girlfriend Martina Fenech, they want to continue carrying out his dream of delivering Christ’s positive message to a suffering world, and of imparting joy, companionship and comfort to those who need it.