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Too absorbed with their mobiles to shake the Pope’s extended hand

Pope Francis was somewhat disappointed and disillusioned when he met a group of youths but realised many of them were more interested and paid more attention to their mobiles than to him.

He said that although the youths were generally happy to see him they were more occupied with their mobiles and some even overlooked shaking his extended hand when he approached them.

They greeted him enthusiastically and cheered loudly when they saw him but some were obviously more interested in their virtual world.

He viewed this with serious concern because they were more interested in their mobiles than in making human contact. He said they are living in a youth virtual world.

He opined that although this virtual world is positive it is also proving to be an alienating factor because people are neglecting human contact evidenced by the fact they even overlooked shaking hands with him.

He said such youths need help and guidance to enable them to keep in touch with the real world.

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