Accused of threatening his daughter with a knife and stealing her money when she came to visit him after he claimed he was dying

A 53-year-old Syrian who lives in Buġibba was detained under arrest after being arraigned in Court and accused of having menaced his 18-year-old daughter with a knife and causing her serious injuries, of having continually threatened his daughter with violence, of having detained her against her will and of having stolen €3,000 from her. He entered a plea of not guilty with Police Inspector Ryan Vella saying in Court the accused had to be arraigned because two days ago he even entered the Qawra Police Station and was aggressive towards his daughter who at the time was registered a report about him.

The accused, Amanadi Al Barhumi, said he works as a construction plasterer. Court heard the testimony of his daughter, Yamamah Al Barhumi, with her father being present in Court. She said she came to Malta from Greece toward the end of August to visit her father as he was continually phoning her and her four siblings and telling them he was very sick and dying. She resides in Greece with her four siblings and her mother who is divorced from her father.

She testified that when arriving in Malta she lodged in a hotel for three days but then went to live with her father in his Buġibba apartment. Her father told her he would not maintain her upkeep and he wanted her to find a job and work. She informed him she had come to Malta to visit him and not to live with him. She said he used to keep her locked up indoors, beat her daily, pull her hair and bruised her back and just below her ribs. She said that at one time he threatened her with a knife and told her he had no money and would take all the money she had brought with her from Greece and later marry her off to an 80-year-old Libyan who owned lots of shops.

With tears in her eyes she informed Court that in Greece she was about to start university but her father was ruininng all her future plans. She said that one night when she had gone to bed she realised that her father had entered the room, opened her handbag and stolen all the money she had bought with her. When she asked him why he had taken the money he slapped her face, pulled her hair and gave no explanation.

She recounted that when he threatened her with a knife she managed to push him away and managed to escape from the apartment and with the assistance of people she went to the Qawra Police Station where she lodged a report of all her father had done to her. While she was at the Station her father entered and began shouting with her and told her if she was lodging a report about him he would kill her. Police protected her and took her to another part of the Station.

To the Magistrate the daughter side she is prepared to forgive her father and stop proceedings against him on condition he gives her at least €500 so she can buy a ticket to return to Greece to join her mother and her siblings. The father said he had borrowed the sum from a friend to give to her daughter for her to return to Greece. Therefore the Court deferred sentencing to Friday to take a prima face consideration of all the facts presented. At this stage no plea for bail to be granted was lodged.