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Cabmen claim new regulations mean loss of livelihood – claim horses would have been put down were it not for them

A number of karozzin drivers are considering resorting to Court action to have rescinded a Legal Notice that karozzins cannot operate between 1 and 4 pm in July and August. While the Legal Notice has been welcomed by animal lover groups, cabmen who spoke to TVM said this is threatening their livelihood because these are two months are the most when their services are used.

This afternoon’s clouded conditions added to their frustration as they had to turn down hire requests between these times as stipulated by the Notice issued a week ago.

Near the Mdina Gateway they argued that the Notice has crippled them because these times are the height of when their services are requested. They further argued that out of 12 months, these two months are the optimum when their services are most required.

The cabmen insisted that the time between 1 and 4 pm is their best time of earning money.

One cabman said that at 4 pm cruise liners depart and tourists have to be on board to continue their cruise and those that are in hotels resort to taking showers and changing to prepare for their evening’s entertainment. He said that today he had only earned €35.

Valletta cabmen maintained that afternoon rides are continuous but as a result of the Notice few will have hiring services today.

They asked what they can do between 1 pm and 4 pm when they are at a standstill. It seems the only thing to do is to go back home and is it worth waiting for 4 pm to be able to resume – and probably for nothing?

Asked about the health effect on their horses, the cabmen said horses want to work with one cabman saying that had it not been for them, these horses would have been put down long ago.

He said these horses are not suited to racing and were purchased because they were suited for cab driving and had that not been the case, they would have been put down long ago. He said this is what animal lovers should take notice of.

They suggested a solution that a vet should regularly check the horses to assess their physical condition and determine whether they are exhausted.

They claimed that when a horse is suffering it is noticeable and this can be checked by pinching a lump of its meat and if this immediately returns to place then all is well. If it does not, then there is a problem.

The cabmen said they are considering Court action to rescind the Legal Notice.

They said this evening a meeting with lawyers will take place and until a case is opened matters will remain as they are and they will stand around whiling their time away.

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