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Their feelings after being engaged to work in an employment sector dominated by males

The Civil Protection Department has employed its first three female employees after they underwent an 18-week training programme and they have now been deployed in various sectors. Interviewed by TVM they spoke of their new experiences and why they chose to take up a career in a sector that has always been dominated by males.

Mandy Briguglio, Leanne Newell, and Dorothy Sammut are the three first females to be employed by the Department as firefighters. They commenced full-time employment in recent days following their successful training period.

We met up with Mandy, Leanne and Dorothy at the Department’s station at Kordin. The three recounted how from an early age they had always wanted to become firefighters, the three having different reasons.

One said the work had always attracted her mainly because she had always wanted to help those who are in need.

Another said her father is also with the Civil Protection Department and from an early age she accompanied him to fire stations to see fire engines. She loved to watch ‘Fireman Sam’. On attaining age she took the opportunity to volunteer for the CPD, applied and became a volunteer and when employment applications opened she applied to satisfy her desire of permanent employment with the Department.

The third said such a job had always been her wish. Last year she had taken an MCAST Course to help her become more acquainted with the CPD and this year she has succeeded in qualifying. When she was young she used to love watching firefighting cartoons and later watching film series and films based on such themes and this strengthened her determination to take up the work.

Although having only been in the job for a few days they have already experienced firefighting and rescues.

“I had to carry out the rescue of an animal”.

“I had an experience of vehicles burning as well as a shop and went to these scenes from where I was stationed. Obviously it is a job that offers satisfaction because while people are fleeing from danger, you are entering danger, you are helping people and you may save human or animal life”.

“My first experience was that of a sofa burning in a home. My training served as practice and I was able to gain hands-on experience”.

Asked about their feelings in being employed in a sector dominated by males, the three female firefighters said they feel they have now been accepted by male firefighters and they are now part of the teamwork.