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Threatened his mother at the Police Station

A 17-year-old youth has been remanded in custody in the prison’s section for adolescents after he threatened and insulted his mother.

Police Inspector Oriana Spiteri placed the youth under arrest while Magistrate Astrid May Grima ordered a Court prohibition on the publication of his name.

The youth was accused of having insulted and threatened his mother while at the Police Station, threatening her he would bash her against a statue of The Redeemer. He was also accused of having threatened Police officials when they intervened to stop him.

The accused entered a plea of not guilty. Legal Aid lawyer Dr Martin Fenech said the threats had emanated in the course of a heated argument at the Station that had escalated out of proportional control. He said the mother has agreed to accept him in her home and he had not attacked her physically.

Inspector Spiteri however objected to bail being granted because the youth had breached the conditions of domestic violence while third persons have yet to testify. The Court rejected the plea for bail and ordered the youth be detained in custody until the case is heard.