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Threatened Police Inspector who was investigating him

A man from Qormi has been detained under arrest after threatening a Police Inspector as well as offending him during telephone calls. The Inspector was investigating the man for accusations that he was threatening his former partner.

The Prosecution explained that Frankie Falzon threatened Inspector Joseph Busuttil, called him corrupt and told him that he knew people in prison who are ready to pay him back.

Inspector Busuttil said he had in total received about three-and-a-half hours of telephone calls from the man.

On his part Falzon told Police he had not intended to threaten Busuttil. However, when appearing in Court Falzon elected to remain silent.

His Defence Counsel informed Court that the accused is pleading not guilty and requested his release on bail. The Prosecution did not agree with this plea for bail and explained the accused had carried out research on the Inspector and was speaking to other persons about him. The Prosecution also said that the accused also has other Court sentences that show his true character.

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