Commencement on Statute for the establishment of a Fondazzjoni għall-Għaqda Nazzjonali

President George Vella has confirmed with Television Malta that work has commenced on the preparation of a Statute to establish the Fondazzjoni għall-Għaqda Nazzjonali (Foundation for National Unity). This is an initiative that was mentioned by President Dr Vella last week during his closure speech of a national meeting regarding the state of the nation. Interviewed by Television Malta the President said the Foundation will be a point of reference for the discussion of such subjects as education and health because in such subjects there should not be partisan disunity because their effects are not immediate but will have effect in years to come.

President Vella said the idea for a Foundation had come about after a conference for national unity that was organised last February.

To Television Malta he said there is goodwill that this structure be given a more formal structure while announcing that legal amendments are being prepared for the new Foundation.

Dr Vella said the idea is that there should be a reference point where subjects may be discussed to bring about less disunity and he listed matters such as education, health and communication means, and the questions asked do these bring about unity or greater disunity.

He said the Foundation will become part of the Malta Presidency and enable a person to make their views known without censorship. The President emphasised the need for dialogue as this is the essence of democracy.

Informed dialogue and free dialogue are necessary rather than senseless dialogue which the country is now mainly experiencing. Dr Vella said everybody has a right to post on Facebook and on social media, but unfortunately many postings are mounted by those unqualified to write about certain subjects.

The President made this observation to a background of a survey that was presented to the state of the nation meeting that established that people place a lot of weight on social media postings.

Dr Vella expressed his concerns that people, particularly youths, are exposed to certain ideas that may lead of the dangers of eroding Maltese social values.

The interview with the President will be transmitted in an analysis programme to be screened tomorrow, Sunday, at 9.30 pm on Television Malta.