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Applications are open for 400 study courses for adults

While schools are on summer holidays, the Directorate for Education Throughout Life will start receiving applications for the coming scholastic year when it is offering 400 study courses for adults.

Applications for these courses will open from Thursday onward. The Director for Research and Learning Throughout Life, Alexandra Farrugia, said that 400 courses are on offer covering 90 different subjects. These courses will be set in eight centres and have been put together in collaboration with 17 NGOs.

Farrugia said that 40% of the courses will cover languages and 21% are aimed at enabling a person to improve skills and their career. He said that every year there is very good participation in such courses.

He said that annually there are more or less about 10,000 applicants for these courses. Farrugia said that although the Directorate has its own centres, these courses are aimed at catering for particular skills for the community. The scope is to give quality education as well as that of providing the opportunity for people to keep studying and learning throughout their life.

The Permanent Secretary at the Ministry for Education, Dr Frank Fabri, said the aim of the courses is to enable them to be applied, among other aims, in the work place.

Minister for Education Evarist Bartolo, said it is never too early and neither too late to learn. He said that learning throughout life is important for people because among other benefits it enhances their employability.

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