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Seven leaders of the world’s largest economies are meeting in France

Seven leaders of the world’s largest economies are meeting in the town of Biarritz in France to attend the G7 Summit, bringing together Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The President of the EU Council, Donald Tusk, who will also attend the meeting, said that the meeting will be a hard test because of unity and solidarity problems with the past year having experienced a number of disputes between some countries.

“The last year has shown that it’s increasingly difficult for all of us to find common language when the world needs our cooperation more, not less. This may be the last moment to restore our political community.”

The meeting is taking place at a time when there is a difficult background and because of this French President Emmanuel Macron has decided that for the first time there will be no publishing of a joint statement by the G7. Currently there is a commercial war between China and the United States and this is deteriorating while EU Members are trying to ease existing tensions between the US and Iran.

US President Donald Trump arrived in Biarritz a day after he announced new tariffs on goods imported from China. Trump has said he is confident he will win the commercial war between the two.

“We’re having a little spat with China and we’ll win it. We put a lot of tariffs on China today as you know, they put some on us. We put a lot on them.”

Activists opposing globalisation and highlighting climate changes have combined with Yellow Vest activists to protest against the G7 Meeting. According to activists, the world’s leaders do not implement what they say while the gap between the poor and the rich is ever-growing because no actions are being taken by the leaders.

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