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Dog excrement marked by country flags

All very well know that dog excrement should not be left in the road or on pavements but should be picked up by dog owners. However, there are still many owners indifferent to this and scenes of extensive dog excrement on roads and pavements are very common.

A minor countryside road at Marsascala that leads to the bay known as Munxar Point this week was littered with much excrement – but with a difference.

It seems that somebody had the time and patience to stick small country flags in the different piles of excrement. The flags represented six countries and included the EU flag. However, there was no sign of a Malta flag.

Perhaps the person had in mind marking spots to be avoided by fellow citizens so as not to tread on the excrement in their beach footware.

It could also be the person has been struck by World Cup fever or perhaps wanted to show his feelings for the countries whose flag was used. What do you think?

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