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Valletta gathering celebrates World Tai Chi Day

In Valletta’s Pjazza Ħelsien a celebration was held marking the 13th edition of World Tai Chi Day in Malta. Among the benefits that Tai Chi participants claim is that this helps them to be more physically flexible and that it is also a form of exercise against stress.

The activity was organised by the Chinese Cultural Centre in Malta. Tai Chi is Chinese physical activity whose origins go back over 700 years. It is practiced by millions of people worldwide.

Alana Axisa has been practicing Tai Chi for ten years and maintains this form of martial arts helps her in her daily life.

She said that although the visual appearance of the art is that of slow movements it is in fact a form of martial arts. Every action is a self-defence move but today it is exercised mainly for health benefits rather than thankfully for fighting and it gives mental, physical and spiritual benefits. She said it helps one to become more physically flexible, strengthens the legs, and brings peace of mind. Alana said these are all beneficial.

Alana Axisa said a further enhancing factor about Tai Chi is that it may be practiced at any age by children and even 80-year-olds.