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100 immigrants, including boy who is unconscious, find themselves in difficulty

Another immigration emergency has returned to the Mediterranean. After two shipwrecks in which 170 people are believed to have died, it is being reported that around 100 immigrants are in difficulty just off the Libyan coast, and Sea Watch activists are still waiting for a reply about where the 47 immigrants who were rescued yesterday can disembark.

It is being reported that around 100 immigrants, including 20 women and 12 children on board a boat just off the coast of Misurata in Libya are in difficulty. The NGO Alarm Phone, which offers help to those stranded out at sea, said that on Sunday morning it was informed of the 100 immigrants who are in a state of panic and has asked for help from the authorities. It added that on board there was a boy who was either unconscious or dead.

In another development, the NGO Sea Watch said that no one has taken responsibility to coordinate a rescue operation of the 47 surviving immigrants it had rescued. It said that it had been referred to Libyan authorities who are not answering their phones.

Sea Watch said that among the immigrants there are eight unaccompanied minors.

The UN refugee agency said that over the last few days, 170 people lost their lives in separate occasions in the Mediterranean. The Italian Coast Guard is reporting that a boat sank with 117 people on board while Moroccan and Spanish authorities are looking for another boat which probably sank in the Western Mediterranean.

During the Angelus, Pope Francis said that the last shipwreck in the Mediterranean hurt him deeply.

The Italian Vice PM and Home Affairs Minister Matteo Salvini said that the Italian ports were and will continue to remain closed.

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