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Agreement reached between Aġenzija Sapport and UĦM

Late this afternoon consensus was reached on a new Collective Agreement for employees at Aġenzija Sapport. This was stated after this morning UĦM suspended its industrial actions and enabled a meeting to be held to reach final agreement with the Ministry for the Family, the Rights of Children and Social Solidarity. However, there are some pending matters on which agreement has not been achieved.

In the late afternoon the meeting between the union, the Government entity and the Ministry continued at the OPM with the meeting monitored by the Principal Permanent Secretary Mario Cutajar. This enabled final agreement to be reached. Thus the UĦM withdrew its industrial actions that had been operative over the last few days.

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Persuni b’diżabbiltà milquta b’direttivi tal-UĦM għall-ħaddiema tal-Aġenzija Sapport

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