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Succeeds in entering remote cave

Vlogger Conrad Neil Gatt is discovering, visiting, and documenting remote areas to share his adventures with those who have not had the opportunity to visit such places and thus to enable them to experience the natural heritage of the country.

One of Conrad’s best experiences was when he entered a particular cave in Dingli known as Għar Mirdum, otherwise known as ‘The Sunken Cave’. The entrance to this cave is over two storeys high and is both difficult and dangerous and he had to use special equipment to safeguard his safety. While in the process he also experienced ‘Għar Ralek’ with it locality protected within the same cave. Gatt said he has encountered a lot of vandalism while pursuing his vlog and he feels these sites should be protected to ensure the natural heritage of the country.

Among in his experiences he recounts a visit to Wied Qirda when the entrance to the valley began filling with water and rose to stomach height. Gatt said he had always had a love of photography and therefore he has enhanced this with adventures that have produced unique footage. His adventures began with lone walks and taking photographs. However when he began to experience positive responses from followers on social media, particularly from elderly followers, he began to shoot brief videos and share these on YouTube. Nowadays he has a considerable following, including an international following.

Now he carries out a lot of research on places he visits and his delight is locating places with little published information because this means the place has not been thoroughly explored and information published.

His aim is to reveal greater discoveries and share these internationally to further reveal the country’s great natural heritage and its hidden aspects.