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Bjorn looks forward to start of work on second home for ALS sufferers

Work is expected to commence in the coming month on initial preparations for the building of a second home at Żebbuġ for people suffering from the neurological condition ALS. The project has been estimated to cost €6 million.

Speaking to TVM, the founder of the Fondazzjoni ALS Malta, Bjorn Formosa, said that every additional day is a day gained for him, even though a lot of suffering is involved.

He said the only way, when possible, is to be courageous and to change the difficulties and the suffering to implement the positives so as to help others where possible. Bjorn said that is his message for this time of the year.

He is striving to exchange his sufferings to provide hope for others suffering the ALS condition.

His mission has already achieved much with the opening of a first residential home for ALS sufferers in Qormi.

Bjorn said there are 13 people resident there but there is a waiting list that is so extensive it is virtually impossible to count it because it has grown in number of those who require help.

Now his dream has extended with the acquisition of premises in Żebbuġ which will be converted into a second ALS home, a project requiring an investment of €6 million.

Bjorn said the residence has already been purchased and with God’s help the project will commence next month with the demolition of the present building and excavations for a new building but obviously this will require much further work and time and will require much more funding to try and complete the project as quickly as possible.

The greatest satisfaction for Bjorn Formosa is that despite his own personal difficulties since at the age of 28 he came to know he was suffering from ALS is that nowadays there is much greater awareness about the condition. This came about following the establishment of the Foundation. However, the factor that has provided him with the greatest courage is that a lot of progress has been made into ALS research and that at some future stage an effective cure will be found.

He said since the start of the Foundation matters have changed. Little was known before but now there is more extensive knowledge and awareness and this has made available more assistance to try and facilitate the needs of ALS sufferers as much as possible. Bjorn said research facilities have improved and with God’s help the life of ALS sufferers will be made easier and improve.

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