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Invites priests not to close doors but to welcome all

Today saw the celebration of the first Public Holiday in the month of December, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. In his panegyric address, Father Martin Coleiro reminded Christians that are hypocrites and feel they are better than others that justice is in the hands of God.

Despite a strong North Westerly wind, the weather generally held up well and the Cospicua community was able to celebrate their titular feast. The church was bedecked with the finest decor including velvet and fine crafts in gold and silver and in their midst the titular statue of Our Lady treading on a snake representing evil.

The statue of the Immaculate Conception, which has recently been restored, while decorating the church was also the inspiration for the panegyric delivered by the Franciscan, Father Martin Coleiro, during the Solemn Mass. He said the 8th of December marks the acceptance of Holy Mary that symbolises hope, faith and love. Father Coleiro said she rejected the devil and never doubted the love of God, even when she saw her beloved son crucified and went on to become the first beacon for the first Christians.

Fr Coleiro said it is easy for a person to address other persons as being corrupt but Christians themselves may be corrupt and may be hypocrites and feel they are superior to others.

Referring to the priesthood he said that in the name of the Church, doors should not be closed to people because such action had caused people to resultantly keep away from the Church. He extended an invitation that as real Children of God and Children of the Immaculate Conception, judgement should be left in the hands of God.

He said that Christians should ask themselves if they are prepared to love their opponents, whoever they are and with whatever political beliefs and went on to say there is a need for a fair society.

Archpriest Father Anton Cassar said God had chosen Mary for the Conception so as she could be without sin.

He said the day’s feast is for people to pray to the Church and to pray during the Mass and that God has chosen them to follow Holy Mary and like her to be without stain and follow a blameless life. He said she had been without stain but that people are generally stained and should pray to her.

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception has grown in stature since 164 years ago Pope Pius IX had declared as Dogma that Our Lady had been born without Original Sin.

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