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Minister Konrad Mizzi requests disciplinary actions against WSC employee for aggressive attitude towards journalist

Minister Konrad Mizzi has given instructions to the Water Services Corporation to take disciplinary steps against a Corporation employee who was involved in an incident with journalist Jacob Borg. He was reacting to a film posted on social media showing journalist Vella being menaced while posing questions to Minister Mizzi.

In a statement, Minister Mizzi condemned the actions of the aggressor and said that a member of his secretariat had intervened to clam the incident. The Prime Minister’s Office said that although Minister Konrad Mizzi does not agree with the arguments posed by Borg, he believes that journalists have a right to carry out their profession. He pointed out that although Jacob Borg had posed pressing questions, he had responded to all of them.

Meanwhile the Malta Institute of Journalists condemned without reservation the aggression shown against Jacob Borg and said that a journalist posing questions is a journalist doing their work and should never ever be in any way molested for doing their duty, whatever the circumstances.

A Nationalist Party statement also expressed solidarity with Jacob Borg.