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Deposit reduced from €15,000 after being accepted as too severe

The Criminal Court has accepted the request of Owen Schembri to reduce his Bail deposit from €15,000 to €3,000 after he proved from his declarations that the original amount was too severe.

Schembri, aged 18, is one of those accused of the homicide of 27-year-old Saviour Gaffarena who was killed after being shot in the limits of Qrendi last July and during which shooting his cousin 17-year-old Vince Gaffarena was severely injured. Also arraigned for this homicide is 19-year-old Leon Debono.

Last December the Court agreed the granting of Bail against a deposit of €15,000 and a personal guarantee of €35,000.

Schembri’s defence maintained that because of his personal circumstances he could not afford to deposit the amount.

In her decision, Judge Consuelo Scerri Herrera took into account the accused is unemployed and is not receiving any social benefits as well as that the accused is living with his 80-year-old grandmother who gives him €50 weekly.

The Court concluded the original sum was beyond the means of the accused and his relatives and the condition was depriving the accused from his right to Bail.