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Perils caused by storms removed at Għar Lapsi

Geplaatst door Phyllis Fenech op maandag 11 september 2017

Over the weekend, stormy weather ruined a lot of the work that had been carried out at Għar Lapsi before the start of summer, the damage being so extensive it is creating a danger to swimmers in the bay.

Pictures and videos posted on social media show that facilities that were installed to help swimmers enter the sea were smashed and carried away by the relentless waves that pounded on the bay and along the rocks at the mouth of the bay. This has also been the cause of injuries to several persons.

In a comment to a Government spokesperson said that as a result of the storm damage, certain structures that had been placed at Għar Lapsi have been removed although the damages they sustained were minimal. Carpets have been removed as a precaution so as not to create further damage and ruin all the enhancements that were made in the zone at the beginning of summer.

The spokesperson explained that it is normal that such structures be removed during the winter months to be stored in workshops at Pembroke and Mellieħa. The reparation works were carried out by employees from the Directorate for Cleanliness over the last weekend.

Currently, Directorate workshop employees are on the alert because if necessary certain structures are removed to prevent a source of danger during storms or for other reasons. In fact yesterday, carpets and ladders were removed along the St Julian’s and Sliema coastline because they had sustained slight damages. During the winter months all such installations are dismantled for maintenance works to be carried out.

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