Strategies launched to strengthen the whole of the educational system

Five studied documents regarding various educational sectors are to be launched. A conference organised by the Education Ministry indicated the way forward for these to be realised.

The Ministry said these will build on the successes of the past while addressing shortcoming, challenges and the near realities of employment and the meaning of a new society that is more multicultural.

These include the framework of a new National Policy for Education, care at a young age between birth and the age of seven, a strategy for early school leaving and training, a National Strategy for Literacy, a National Strategy for Adult Education and a plan for MCAST stretching to 2027.

Opening the conference Minister Justyne Caruana said in recent years reform began of the educational system based on the vision that all, from childhood to adulthood, are provided with the necessary tools to make their way forward and to ensure that nobody falls behind. This is to try and ensure the country benefits from its investment in the sector.

She said despite the pandemic situation the educational sector has proven its strength and will continue to adapt and update to face future challenges.

There has been a drastic reduction in early school leavers in 2020 and this should continue to decrease but the system has yet to be strengthened to ensure that children do not exit from the educational system with no qualifications and no skills and this situation must be tackled.

The conference served for a gathering of ideas by experts for the recommendations to be implemented on the five strategies in a smooth manner without interruptions.