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House of Commons vote that Brexit takes place on 30th June

Brexit continues to take complicated turns after last night’s vote in the House of Commons was for the United Kingdom to be given an extended time and that instead of its exit from the EU taking place on 29th March it should take place on 30th June. MPs also voted against the holding of a new and second Referendum.

By 30th June the UK Government has to review its exit agreement which then has to be approved by the House.

For this extension to take place, it has to gain EU approval from Brussels with EU Leaders due to meet there next week.

EU Council President, Donald Tusk, stated in a tweet that as the British Government voted for an extension he is to propose to EU Leaders this will be a long-term extension.

A Motion in the House of Commons for a second Referendum was defeated with 334 votes against and 85 in favour.

The British Labour Party had campaigned for a further Referendum but surprisingly agreed that under the circumstances an extension is better than a further Referendum.

Kier Starmer from the British Labour Party said, “the Honourable Member would know that there are many people in and out of this place absolutely supportive of a people’s vote, vehemently disagree with this amendment being tabled and voted on today.”

The same view was not held by Scottish MP Ian Blackford who said, “this House has the first opportunity it has had, perhaps the only opportunity, to say on the basis of what we know, to say on the basis of what has changed from the Referendum in 2016, that the people of the United Kingdom deserve to have a people’s vote, that we all reflect on the reality that there is no such thing as a good Brexit, that we know that there are people who are going to lose their jobs.”

Intensive debates over the last three days in the House of Commons have once more opened wide the uncertainties of Brexit and it is now confirmed these will continue over the coming months.

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