Desires that after his death his corpse be used for research by Malta University medical students

About 30 persons donate their corpses after their death to the Malta University to enable research and study by University medical students.

Natius Farrugia is one of those who desire that after his death instead of his corpse decomposing it is used for study and research by University students. He said a short while ago he worked in a medical school and understands the needs of students to study corpses to develop the attainment of their Doctorate. Farrugia posted this on his social media page to encourage more people to follow his example.

The programme ‘Popolin’ spoke with Dr Jean Calleja Agius, a Professor in the Medical and Surgical Faculty. She explained that since February this year the process for the donation of a corpse has become more simplified because a person had to stipulate this in their will. This has now been eliminated and today a person wishing to donate their corpse has to just fill in an appropriate form, including their name, their signature and the signature of a family member. This family member is under obligation that when the person passes away, they advise the Faculty of the death.

Asked by the programme presenter whether a corpse provided for research is then buried, Dr Jean Calleja Agius explained the donator has the possibility of stipulating in the form they sign whether they wish their body to be interred after three years, five years or never. Nowadays, facilities are available that a body be preserved for ever. She further explained that a donated body may still have a funeral praesente cadavere.

Those who wish to donate their corpse should send an email to [email protected] or ring 23403825.