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Joe Biden expected to become US President – first indications

The American people are giving their verdict about who the next President of the United States will be for the coming four years. Polling stations opened today in 50 US states. Some 240 million voters are eligible to vote in this election, with over 100 million already having voted by post in early voting in the past weeks.

Despite Covid, the voter turnout in this election is expected to be higher than that of four years ago, when just over 136 million citizens had voted.

First indications for the election, including world markets, are pointing towards a victory for Democratic candidate Joe Biden. The state which will give the clearest indication of where the result is heading is Pennsylvania, which had been won by Trump in 2016.

The greater part of the electorate which voted for Trump in Michigan agree with the decisions he took during the past four years.

John Loewen said that  “His accomplishments, a lot of people really don’t like him, a lot of people hate him, but you look at his accomplishments and the things he’s done, they’re great”.

Nancy Loewen said “And he wants to take our country into a godly direction, not in a communist direction”.

Voters in Minnesota said they had voted for Biden as they did not agree with the way Trump had run the US during his term as President.

Brian Wilde: “Yeah, so I voted for Biden. I don’t know. (He’s) kind of the lesser of two evils for me. I don’t know. Trump was, seems like he doesn’t really care as much in office, and doesn’t necessarily care about being president, just having the title. And some of his climate views didn’t line up with mine, so it’s kind of the reason I went with Biden”.

With the race for the White House now in its final hours, barricades have been erected in Washington around the residence and office of the US President as protests are expected, whichever way the result goes.

Joe Kott said that “Everybody seems to get along, this is the first election where it’s gotten a little ugly and people stealing lawn signs. It’s pretty stupid actually… I think the left is just so angry, I’ve actually been a little afraid of putting a sign out in front of my yard, that something was going to happen, and if I go out of town, my wife would make me take it down, it’s just stupid things that are happening”.

If Trump loses the election, he will be the first President in 28 years to have only served one term.