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John Dalli’s daughters to be charged with money laundering

The two daughters of former European Commissioner and former Minister John Dalli are expected to be charged with money laundering in connection with companies which were in their name.

Claire Gauci Borda, 41 and her sister, Louisa Dalli, 36, will be charged with the conversion or transfer of properties which they knew were obtained through criminal activities.

They will also be charged with misappropriation, fraud, falsification of documents and false declarations, while Gauci Borda alone will be charged with breaching the Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Act, and of failing in her duties as an accountant and auditor.

Another four people of foreign nationality are also being charged namely:  Elouise Marie Corbin Klein, Charles Ray Jackson, Elizabeth Jean Jackson and Robert Mitchell McIvor.

It is believed that some of the crimes are related to investment schemes which defrauded several elderly people in the US.