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Johnson & Johnson to stop sales of talcum powder in US

The pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson is to stop selling Johnson’s Baby Powder in the US and Canada.

The company is facing more than 16,000 cases instituted by consumers who allege the company’s talcum powder products were contaminated with asbestos and caused cancer.

The company decided to stop sales in the US and Canada after years of litigation, during which it had been ordered to pay out billions of dollars in compensation.

The company always maintained its talcum powder products are safe.

The company stated that the demand for Johnson’s Baby Powder has been on the decline in North America as a result of a change in consumer attitudes, brought about by wrong information about the safety of their product.

It added it remains confident of the safety of Johnson’s Baby Powder, as scientific studies carried out over many decades by medical experts worldwide have supported the safety of the product.

The company further stated that the decision to stop sales in the US and Canada was part of an assessment process of its products because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Johnson & Johnson stated that from examinations carried out in October, no asbestos was found in its talcum powder after the US Food & Drug Administration had found traces in tests it carried out.

The company is appealing the decision handed down in 2018, ordering it to pay $4.7 billion in compensation to 22 women who alleged the powder caused them to develop ovarian cancer.

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