Guidelines issued for kindergarten and post-secondary schools

The guidelines for teachers and students at kindergarten and post-secondary levels were announced today. Despite the disparity in their ages these have to observe similar measures as announced by the Health Authorities.

These are aimed at limiting the spread of the pandemic and cover an action plan that emphasises a strict routine of personal hygiene and cleanliness.

In the case of kindergartens, the guidelines insist on the disinfection of toys and desk surfaces after they have been used. Changing rooms and toilets have to be cleaned out at least three times daily.

Parents of kindergarten children will not be allowed up to the school’s door while children will not be allowed to enter carrying personal toys. Pushchairs will also be prohibited except those for children with disabilities or require special needs.

As with other schools, kinder children will only be permitted to communicate in restricted groups and only with teachers in the same group. A distance of 1.5 metres has to be kept between children. Only a maximum of 15 children will be permitted in a Kinder 1 class and only 19 in a Kinder 2 class. Teachers and staff members are obliged to wear face masks or a visor, particularly when they are in contact with children.

Those children over the age of three years are urged to wear a mask or a visor when leaving the class and if using school transport. The sharing of cakes and other foodstuffs will not be allowed in schools and food will not be permitted to be taken out of class. At each school a responsible official will be assigned to ensure that Covid regulations are being followed.

The distancing measures will apply to both kinder students as well as post-secondary students. Teachers and staff at post-secondary are recommended to wear masks or visors except when PE exercises are taking place or where medical reasons have to be applied. Staff rooms are recommended to maintain a social distancing of two metres between each teacher, while all apparatus has to be cleansed as well as desks that are used by more than one teacher.

Advice was also given that meetings between teachers should be held on a virtual basis when possible. Students should have a timetable that will not require a change of class and that contact tracing should be maintained when a change of class occurs.

In the case of a virus spread, both kinder and post-secondary establishments are recommended to revert to an alternative plan such as virtual lessons.

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