Joseph Calleja and the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra enchant a packed arena in Dubai

65 musicians who form part of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra gave two beautiful concerts at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai during the InClassica International Music Festival, organised by the European Foundation for Support of Culture and SAMIT Event. In the second concert  Operatic Gala: From Malta With Love, the orchestra under the direction of Mro Armen Sergey Smbatyan, accompanied the Maltese tenor Joseph Calleja.

In a comment to Television Malta, the world-famous tenor praised the strategy of the MPO’s management which is clearly working, as the orchestra is making great strides and leaving a positive impact everywhere it performs.

“If you see who is taking part in this festival, almost all are world-renowned names and by exposing our talented musicians to these type of artists, you will obviously keep seeing an improvement in their level. In fact, I have a project in mind with the orchestra, my “baby”,  and we will be announcing it shortly.”

The Maltese tenor is the only internationally renowned tenor to have given a concert by himself during this festival which started on 28 August and will end on 26 September, for a total of 30 concerts. Only three solo singers gave a concert during InClassica, two sopranos and the Maltese tenor.

For Joseph Calleja, after all the restrictions of the pandemic, especially for cultural events, every activity being organised right now is a golden opportunity so that the cultural sector can re-open.

“There are many countries such as Denmark, Sweden, and the UK which are offering the possibility of returning to normal and I think many European countries, including Malta, especially us where more than 93% of people have been vaccinated, should also gave space to Maltese artists, as many countries are doing which are holding concerts and opening up events like before.”

The concert InClassica was not the first time Calleja sang in Dubai. Earlier this summer he had given a concert to a limited audience which was also mesmerised by his voice and which warmly applauded his choice of repertoire. During the InClassica International Music Festival, Joseph Calleja also sang some songs from his latest album, The Magic of Mantovani. Meanwhile, the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra will round off its visit to Dubai with its third and final concert on Thursday.