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A special day for seven children at San Miguel disabilities centre

It was a special day for seven children with disabilities who attend the San Miguel Resources Centre at Pembroke.

The special occasion commemorated the 30th year of educational services provided by the Centre for disabled children and included a First Holy Communion for three children and Confirmation for four other children.

The Sacraments were administered according to the needs of the children by Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna during a Holy Mass to commemorate the special anniversary.

This was the first time the Holy Sacraments were administered at the school and it was commented there is a need for diversity to be exercised. Every person has a role in society and the value of a person is not how much that person produces but the fact that a person engages in relations reflecting their capabilities and is therefore relaying an invitation not only to provide care for them but in making them protagonists according to their abilities in society.

Over 120 children attend the Centre until they reach the age of 13. Children are provided with various services according to their needs.

Head of School, Marica Gatt, said that over the last 30 years many changes have taken place at the Centre, included the services offered. She said the school has developed in a line analysis that studies the developments in the disabilities sector and therefore a model that is mainly medical is transformed into a model that is largely inclusive.

Among the services provided is a therapeutic pool, multi-sensory rooms, a gardening programme and other curricular activities.

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