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Jumped into fountain and were confronted by Police

An American couple, aged about 50, jumped into the Trevi Fountain just as if they planned to hold a synchronised swimming race in Rome’s iconic monument, and ended up paying dearly.

The couple were immediately confronted by Police officers who speedily ordered them out of the water, and ended up having to pay a 900 euro fine.

Shortly before this incident, the Police had just fined another tourist, a 40-year-old Russian, and during the night – despite strict controls and supervision in the area – a 29-year-old Egyptian female also jumped in, and  was likewise fined 450 euro.

Yet another case had occurred in recent days, involving a 12-year-old Spanish boy who was forced to get out of the fountain after his three siblings had urged him to jump in. The Police sought out the boy’s parents who had left the children on their own whilst they shopped in the city centre, and fined them for their son’s behaviour.

There was also the case of a 68-year-old American tourist who dipped her feet in the fountain, which is situated at the so-called Altare Della Patria or Il Vittoriano, to cool off, and who also ended up being fined 450 euro. And the search is still on for a young couple, probably British, who jumped naked into the fountain.

It appears that Rome, a magnet for millions of tourists, is seeing the city’s founains attracting foreigners for some challenge or one-time dare. What the visitors are not aware of is that these are historic monuments, and anyone caught jumping in will be breaking the law and risking a 450 euro fine.