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Juncker proposes one President for all of the EU

The EU should have just one President to better represent the Union and its citizens, according to the President of the European Commission,  Jean-Claude Juncker, who was giving his annual speech at the Euro Parliament in Strasbourg, known as the State of the Union.  He expressed his wish that there would be one President for both the EC and the Council of Europe.

Juncker focussed his speech on how the future of the EU should unfold, not only for next year, but for the years to come. He said that his vision is to see a more united European Union.  He announced that he would be launching a new code of ethics for the European Commision,  which would apply to all those contesting to be Members of the European Parliament.

The EC President said that the European Union is improving its economic performance and is now in its fifth year of economic growth. Juncker said that the EU’s economic growh is close to that of the United States, with 2.2% in the Euro Zone. He announced that a new post needs to be created, namely that of Minister of Finance and Economy for the EU.

Speaking on immigration, Juncker praised Italy’s commitment and said that solidarity with those who are seeking refugee status needs to be increased, as should the solidarity with those countries which are carrying the burden by themselves. Referring to Brexit, Juncker said that when the UK leaves the EU, it will be a day of sorrow, however he noted that Turkey also seems to be moving away from the principles and values of Europe.

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