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June was the hottest it has been in about 100 years

The weather we experienced this June was the hottest it has been for this month in the last 96 years.

In a statement, the Meteorological Office of the Malta International Airport said that in June, the average temperature reached 26.3°C, and the last time it was that high was in 1923. The first heatwave hit Malta between 8 – 10 June when the temperature went up to 37.8°C.

As soon as the heatwave at the beginning of the month abated, the islands went through two other heatwaves, when the average highest temperature surpassed the normal climate by 5°C for two days in a row.

According to the World Meteorological Organisation, the average temperature registered around Europe in June was 2°C higher than average. Thus, June of this year became the hottest which has ever been experienced in Europe.

In Malta, June was also much dryer, as not a single drop of rain fell on the islands throughout this whole month. June 2019 was therefore only one of the four months over the last 70 years in which no rain was recorded.