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Jury finds man not guilty of possession and trafficking of almost one kilo of heroin

A jury has unanimously found Martin Dimech not guilty of possession and trafficking of almost one kilo of heroin.  The trial which lasted one week, came to an end today. The jury’s verdict was 9-0 in favour of Dimech, 57 from Zejtun who was facing two counts of charges.

The case goes back to May 2009 when the Police because suspicious that the accused had drugs in his possession. They searched his place of residence and found five packets of brown powder and a packet of brown paste in fridges in his garage. They also found weighing scales and plastic bags as well as €725 in the wallet of Dimech’s partner and in the bedroom.

The jury was heard in front of Judge Antonio Mizzi, with the prosecution being led by Dr Lara Lanfranco, while Dr Edward Gatt and Dr Veronique Dalli appeared for the accused.

Towards the end of the trial, Dr Dalli and Dr Gatt expressed their concerns about the inconsistency of the evidence, especially the scales which were found at the residence which were not sealed before being sent to the experts, the fact that the fridges were not seized from the place under investigation and that no fingerprints were found on the bags or the drugs found.

From the testimony given by the Inspector, it resulted that diffrent versions were given in front of the inquiring Magistrate and the criminal court about the surveillance carried out on Dimech. As a result, the defence raised questions about which testimony should be considered the most credible: that which was heard a week following the case, or that which was heard nine years later.

Judge Antonio Mizzi warned the jury that they cannot investigate the case, or find other evidence which does not exist.

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