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“Just before Għar Ħanex disappeared I was taking photos of it” – Ryan Calleja

Għar Ħanex was a  natural cave around the coast of Qrendi located between Wied iż-Żurrieq and Għar Lapsi. This geological formation was being continuously chipped away by the elements until two days ago, the cave collapsed. In its place,  a window was formed which, however, also collapsed within a few hours.

Almost two days after we lost the natural gem of the Azure Window in Gozo, a few days ago we lost another gem due to the stormy weather which has now left its effect on Għar Ħanex.

For Qrendi residents, Għar Ħanex was a distinctive landmark for the village, and many adventurous Maltese and tourists used to climb down the cliffs under the Imnadjra and Ħaġar Qim temples to discover the beauty of this area.

Just before Għar Ħanex completely disappeared, Ryan Calleja was admiring it and taking photos of this wonderful work of nature.

Ryan said, “I was at the cave without realising that it was going to collapse. I was speechless. It is very sad that this cave unfortunately no longer exists”.

Although he lives in Birżebbuġa, Ryan used to find his peace of mind and relaxation at Għar Ħanex.

“It was very beautiful and one could cross from one side to the other which meant you could swim across it. It’s so quiet here. You can come for a walk which will take you through Għar Lapsi and Zurrieq.”

On Good Friday, however, Għar Ħanex collapsed, and a window was created in its place in the rocks. But this did not last long because with a blink of an eye even this window collapsed.

People who spoke with TVM explained that no one can predict what nature will do but they have noted that the rocks along the coastline are very weak and weatherbeaten. Ryan Calleja said that even with the last two days, more rocks in this area have continued to fall off.

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