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Just Facts Malta – a website which provides facts on drugs and their consequences

An information campaign on drugs directed at youths will be explaining the types of assistance an individual may acquire against drug addiction.

The €90,000 campaign, Just Facts Malta, will be providing all the facts on drugs, especially their consequences.

With a difference to other campaigns, will not only provide information against the use of drugs, but will give a full picture of what types of drugs there are and their consequences.

Sedqa director Charles Scerri said that studies show how such campaigns are more effective among youths. “Today research shows that when we approach children and youths and tell them ‘listen, drugs are bad, you cannot use these substances’; the tendency is that curiosity prevails and possibly the individual abuses more these substances. A campaign that represents facts and the drug reality is more effective today”.

Scerri added that such a campaign reduces the stygma and encourages persons caught in drug addiction to seek assistance.

During the campaign’s launching, Minister Michael Falzon praised the work of the National Addiction Advisory Board who created this campaign  on a scientific, educational and informative base.

“We are not encouraging people to take marijuana; we are telling the truth in this campaign, with all the facts. Obviously, the individual will make his/her decision, but we promise as a government to assist them, even if one wants to be treated, why not? We assist everyone”.

Parliamentary Secretary Alex Muscat said that Aġenzija Komunità Malta is a protagonist with an investment of €90,000 in this educational campaign.

The campaign is accessible on the social media with the name Just Facts Malta.