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Maltese mother laments on being ‘exiled’ from Malta and deprived of her children

A Maltese mother of two young children has not seen them for six weeks and says she does not know what has happened to them. The mother, whose name cannot be published in the interests of the children, had last month to travel against her will to abide by a Malta Court decision to make them travel to Australia.

The decision by the Family Court forced the two Maltese children to go and live in Australia to be near their father who has a right of access. The mother told TVM the two children aged seven and four suffered being exiled by their country even though they are Maltese and had resided in Australia for less than 30 months before the couple separated.

She said the children are Maltese because they were born in Malta and used to go to school in Malta and the mother and children had travelled to Australia on a tourist visa.

After accompanying her children to Australia, the woman ended up being isolated from them. On 9th July their father picked them to take them out and did not return or bring them back.

She said he had to take them to McDonalds and then return them but failed to do this. He knew he had a right to access to them and that the Police can do nothing because of Australian Court papers.

The mother said that since that day he has not allowed her to see the children and not even to talk to them on the telephone while she is particularly concerned because of the health condition of her daughter who suffers from asthma but her medicines have remained with the mother. The child has to take puffs on a daily basis but these are not being administered to her because the father is saying she does not need them even though in the past she has been hospitalised for the condition.

The mother has lamented she has been faced with many closed doors even though she has been to various places including legal aid and women immigration support. She has also contacted the Maltese Embassy, the Police and child safety and has made many telephone calls seeking help.

Despite visiting many Police Stations, the Police inform her they cannot do anything because the Court sentence delivered in Malta giving her custody of the children is not registered in Australia. While waiting to be given legal aid she cannot hire a lawyer privately because she does not have the money to do so. She said to do so is most costly and involves not hundreds of dollars but thousands.

The mother said that as she is in Australia on a tourist visa she cannot legally work to be able to obtain money to cover expenses. Her only hope is to rely on funds being collected by her friends to be able to initiate legal procedures in Australia.

In the meanwhile, broken-hearted she has to continue praying and hoping that maybe at least she may see her children.

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