Karl Lagerfeld’s cat may inherit about €172 million

It all seems to be a matter of luck, and it appears that Karl Lagerfeld’s cat is very lucky indeed.

Choupette stands a chance of inheriting some 172 million euro, after his owner died yesterday at the age of 85.

With the world expressing its sorrow at Lagerfeld’s demise, attention has now fallen on the cat, itself an icon in the fashion industry.

Choupette also has a profile on Instagram and has a following of some 120,000.

According to French magazine Le Figaro, Choupette may inherit from his owner’s wealth. Lagerfeld had in fact stated in an interview that Choupette was one of his beneficiaries.

Lagerfeld had truly loved the cat, and had declared in an interview on CNN in 2013 that he would marry it if this was permissible by law.

The German fashion designer ran fashion companies Chanel and Fendi, and had also been involved in H&M.

Lagerfeld had been ill for several weeks, and as a result had missed out on a number of fashion parades.

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