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UPDATED: Commissioner confirms leaks during Caruana Galizia investigation

Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar has confirmed that there were leaks during the Police investigation into the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia and stated that he had ordered an investigation to identify how the information was being leaked. The Commissioner added that so far, the source of the leaks has not been identified. The Commissioner stated in evidence that Inspectors Keith Arnaud and Kurt Zahra were the main investigators. Asked by Mr Justice Lawrence Mintoff whether Inspector Arnaud was investigating himself about the leaks, Commissioner Cutajar replied that the major part of the investigation had been carried out by Kurt Zahra.

Commissioner Cutajar was giving evidence in a constitutional case instituted by Yorgen Fenech, calling for Inspector Arnaud to be removed from the investigation because he is allegedly very close to Keith Schembri. Mr Cutajar testified, among others, that Keith Schembri had never told him he was a friend of Yorgen Fenech. The Commissioner added that the investigators had never informed him that Keith Schembri was a person of interest in the investigation, and he had not been notified that Yorgen Fenech’s phone was being tapped.

Commissioner Cutajar further stated it had resulted to the Police that Schembri and Fenech were friends from recordings in the possession of Melvin Theuma. Mr Cutajar added that he had been one of the first at the scene of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder. He added that until Silvio Valletta was Assistant Commissioner, he used to update him about the case, whilst Assistant Commissioner Michael Mallia used to maintain regular contact with Interpol about the state of the investigation. The Commissioner said he had attended meetings at Castille about the investigation, during which the Prime Minister and Keith Schembri would be present, and on occasions also Minister Owen Bonnici and the Attorney General.

The Commissioner testified that Keith Schembri was not mentioned in any interception by the Police, and that Schembri was mentioned only in Melvin Theuma’s recordings when the latter was arrested. He explained that Keith Schembri was present when the request for a presidential pardon by Vince Muscat was discussed.

In his evidence, Inspector Keith Arnaud stated that investigations about Keith Schembri’s mobile phone, which had not been found when Schembri had been arrested, are ongoing.

Inspector Arnaud added that Europol had been involved from the first day of the investigation, and are still involved to this day. Arnaud added that there was no Europol representation at the Castille meeting, but they would be updated regularly. Arnaud also stated in evidence that the FBI had been involved in the Police investigation which had led to the first three arrests. He added that he did not exclude further involvement by the FBI in the investigation.

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