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Keith Schembri issues immediate categoric denial: “money was repayment for 2012 loan before IIP scheme existed”

Following Dr Simon Busuttil’s press conference, Keith Schembri issued an immediate categoric denial and said he would be filing another libel suit against Dr Busuttil and the PN media for what he described as baldfaced lies agains him. He said that Dr Busuttil’s thirst for power has led him to repeat a rumour about him which Daphne Caruana Galizia made up year ago.

Mr Schembri said that he welcomed the fact that Dr Busuttil would be taking the case in front of the Magistrate because in this way, he said that the truth will come out. He said that he has already testified in front of the Magistrate and said that Dr Busuttil should face the legal consequences if the Magistrate decides that the accusations made against him (Schembri) are false. Mr Schembri said he was ready to appear once again in front of the Magistrate leading the inquiry to answer all of his questions.

He confirmed that Brian Tonna had paid him back for a loan he gave him in 2012, before the Labour Party came into power, and before the Citizenship by Investment Programme was set up. He said that he has proof to show that this was a loan. Mr Schembri said that he has other loan agreements with Allied Newspapers and the Nationalist Party itself, and asked whether Dr Bustutti would be assuming that there were kickbacks when this debt was repaid.

While saying that he would be suing for libel, he said that it was a shame that a libel suit was the only lool one had to protect one’s name and that he would be using it again to clear his name from these allegations.

In reply, the PN said that the only way the PM’s Chief of Staff could save his skin was by continuing to lie, but liars will always get caught out in the end.

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