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“Keith Schembri mentioned in FIAU report about 17 Black” – Superintendent Raymond Aquilina

The public inquiry into the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia has continued in Court today.

14:15 – Superintendent Raymond Aquilina, stationed in the money laundering squad from 2009 to date, takes the witness stand. The Superintendent stated that the FIAU report had been handed to him by his superior, Ian Abdilla, to read and hand back. He pointed out that the Commissioner at the time had been Michael Cassar, and that he was not aware of ‘operation green’, the operation to investigate Keith Schembri.

Superintendent Aquilina stated that the FIAU report had been given to him on 2 November 2016. He had issued the respective letters to local institutions to gather information and had handed back the file to Ian Abdilla. He had requested information about persons of interest mentioned in the report and stated that he had not read the documents as these were not the instructions.

He added that he had had no directive to investigate.

14:30 – Raymond Aquilina stated that a meeting had been requested with the FIAU, when an explanation had been forthcoming that their analysis had not yet been completed. The FIAU directed that work was being carried out on three reports, one about Keith Schembri and Brian Tonna, another about Schembri and Adrian Hillman and the investments involved, and another global one about all of them.

The Superintendent added that the latest report in the hands of the Police authorities was about 17 Black, and this was voluminous, containing about 170 pages. He added that he had passed this to Superintendent Anton Agius Muscat. The latter also saw it and met with Assistant Commissioner Ian Joseph Abdilla, and it was discussed. The stated that the way forward was to involve Europol and Interpol.

14:40 -Lawyer Therese Comodini Cachia asked whether Keith Schembri and Adrian Hillman were mentioned in the 17 Black report, and the witness replied that Hillman was not mentioned, but Keith Schembri was mentioned.

The lawyer asked whether other political persons like Konrad Mizzi were mentioned, and the witness replied that he could not recall. The Superintendent stated that the report covered situations which had occurred over the years, and described it as a sequence of events. He added that until that time there was not enough evidence to arraign anyone. To date, I still have nothing in hand on the basis of which I can arraign anyone, he stated.

15:15 – Jason Azzopardi asked whether the FIAU had prepared an analytical report on the story written by Caruana Galizia about Adrian Delia. The witness replied that an investigation had been opened about money coming from prostitution in the UK, adding that to date, nothing had resulted.

15:40 -Antonovich Muscat, stationed at the Economic Crimes Unit for the past 25 years, started giving evidence. The officer stated that the report referred to had been received by him from the FIAU. Instructions were for him to read it. He added that he had received the report only, and not the whole file, something which he described as unusual.


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