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Keith Schembri summoned to Police HQ in connection with Melvin Theuma’s job

Former Chief of Staff Keith Schembri was summoned to Police Headquarters this afternoon, in connection with an investigation into Melvin Theuma’s fictitious job. Theuma is the intermediary in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Theuma stated in evidence in Court that he had been given a job with Government and he used to be paid without ever turning up for work. It results that his employment was terminated after four months.

In the past hours, the Police have also spoken with a number of officials in connection with Theuma’s employment, including Tony Muscat, the former Chief Executive of the governmental entity with which Theuma had been employed, and Government’s Head of Customer Care, Sandro Kraus.

Both officials have implied that Keith Schembri had pressured them into providing employment for Theuma.

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