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Dog may be aggressive because of incompatibility with its owner

Although in the past there may have been breeds of dogs that were prohibited to be bred and reared in Malta, nowadays no breed is declared illegal even though the breed may be large and ferocious.

Canine trainer Robert Spiteri explained to TVAM that he has experienced over 1,500 dogs that have been aggressive and that 90% of these resulted from the lack of information that owners had about their dogs.

Recounting the responsibility of an owner to train their dog, make it exercise, give it food and drink, socialise and discipline it, Spiteri said not everybody is capable of rearing certain breeds of dog and this leads to the dog’s incompatibility with its owner.

He explained that if an owner conceded everything to their dog’s wishes the dig ends up doing what it wants and the owner loses its control. He maintained that for the first six months owners should enable their dog to accustom itself to various circumstances that will impact its life, at home and outside the home.

Robert Spiteri said his dream is that breed tests take place of dogs with their owners because there may be service dogs that go well with their trainer but not so well with their owner.

During the interview he explained in detail and some of this interview may be viewed here.


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