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A successful career but had to hide his dyslexic condition

Dyslexia – a condition that confuses a person’s ability to learn because of being unable to distinguish letters and symbols and thus seen as an obstacle to the learning process although today there are means to help overcome this condition. It affects one in every five students; however with determination and perseverance it is possible to lead a normal life.

Edward Fenech is a 70-year-old and although throughout his life he has never read a book, he states he can discuss any novel. Fenech was also Executive Head of a leading company. He said to achieve his goals he had to have great self-belief as well as to conceal the dyslexia that could have held him back.

He said you can never judge a book by its cover and that sums up dyslexia. Because a person has dyslexia do not just dismiss that person. Enter into their pages and see what they are made of.

Edward Fenech said his road, including being at school, was always uphill. With this condition life can never be easy because things have to be done four times over and not just once as other people. This process has to be concealed and this is relative today because you just cannot go for an interview and say you suffer from dyslexia.

This message was reflected by the President of the Dyslexia Association, Carmen Muscat, who said that people that have this condition have to struggle to show their true potential while keeping their condition to themselves.

She said she cannot tell them to go ahead and inform they are dyslexic although she does wish this may happen in the future. Ms Muscat said they may reveal their condition but they have to find tactful ways of doing it.

During a dyslexia and employment conference Carmen Muscat maintained there were dyslexic persons who went on to achieve great fame like the scientist Albert Einstein, the painter Pablo Picasso and the actor Tom Cruise. Dyslexic persons are architects, chefs and work in the technology sector.

She appealed to employers to look at the qualities and capabilities of a person and not to just judge them by their condition.

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