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“If I did not see light at the end of the tunnel I would have already left” – Salame on the Libyan crisis

During his Malta visit the UN Special Envoy to Libya, Ghassam Salame, maintained the only realistic solution to the Libyan crisis is a political one and he expressed his confidence this can be achieved.

Asked by TVM whether he can see any ray of hope after the killing of three of his Security Guards last week, Salame said that if he did not have this hope he would have left. He listed what has been achieved so far and said the process is moving forward.

He expressed his understanding that the military outbreak of hostilities that began on 4th April will start moving towards its end and will show it cannot achieve a solution. This will underline the time has once again come for the re-commencement of political activity.

Follow the whole comments made by Ghassam Salame in response to questions made by Reno Bugeja:

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